The Angénieux Optimo Series is our newest speciality optics

Dear Valued Customers,

To serve better and to save your costbyrentinghigh qualitylenses from oversea, we’d like to
announce that we have them in stock and available now.

Zeiss Master Prime Macro 100mm and Zeiss Macro 50mm
Forthose who want the ultimate in image quality for table top cinematography, product shots, closeup inserts on feature films or any other applications that require a macro lens, the Master Macro 100
delivers images of breathtaking beauty.
With  a  1:1  magnification  ratio,  a  maximum  aperture  of  T2.0  and  an  optical  design  developed
specifically for macro work, the Master Macro delivers phenomenally sharp and contrasty images with
vibrant colors for extreme close-ups of the highest visual quality.

Angenieux Optimo Zoom 28-340 T3.2
Complementary version of Optimo 24-290, the Optimo 28-340has been specially designed for an
image  coverage  up  to  31.4  mm  diagonal. This  highly  coveted  zoom  lens  offers  an  extremely  fast
aperture speed of T3.2, impressive contrast and colour reproduction with no ramping or breathing,
focus rotation with over 25 witness marks.

Zeiss Master Prime T1.3: 18,25,32,50,75 and 100mm
The  Zeiss  Master  Primes open  up  new  creative  opportunities  performing  brilliantly  in  low  light  or
available light scenarios. With a widest stop of T1.3 these lenses capture a highly cinematic look with
an extremely shallow depth of field. Master Primes offer higher resolution and contrast, virtually no
breathing and dramatically reduced flare.

Cooke S4/I Prime Lenses T2: 18,25,32,50,75 and 100mm
The Cooke S4/i primesare considered an industry staple in the world of optics. The lenses provide
maximum  performance  at  full  aperture  with  superior  control  of  flare,  distortion  and  spherical
aberration with excellent colour and contrast.

Angenieux Optimo DPZoom16-42 & 30-80T2.8
Designed  for  digital  cameras,  the  Optimo  DP  16-42  and  30-80  deliver the  superior  zoom  optics,
functionality & ergonomics that DP’s demand

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