Dustin Nguyen creates first Vietnamese action-fantasy

     Viet Nam’s first action-fantasy movie, “Lua Phat” (“Buddha Fire”), is scheduled to begin filming next month. Popular Vietnamese American actor Dustin Nguyen, who wrote the script, will direct and play the lead.

            “Lua Phat” tells the story of a village where innocent people are oppressed by local gangsters. Hien, who is a baker in the village, calls on his wife and villagers to fight against the oppressors. At that moment, Dao, a mysterious, strong man, comes and witnesses this battle. He joins forces with the villagers and it’s a beginning of a fierce battle as well as the discovery of the inside story of this man.

            “The movie’s point of view is that it is influenced by some American classics like “Shane,” “High Noon” and “The Searcher.” It will feature majestic settings and designs to bring audiences such a romantic epic on the wide screen,” Nguyen said in a statement.

            “Furthermore, we will use 3D technology and modern visual effects for this fantasy movie,” he said.

            Nguyen has had ambitions to make this movie since 2008. Before shaking hands with Viet Film Studio under BHD Company, he received offers from film produces inHollywood and China for this project. He refused all as he didn’t want his “characters speaking English or any other foreign language except Vietnamese.”

            Apart from Nguyen and some popular Vietnamese actors, the film will have the participation of a Hollywood star whose name hasn’t been unveiled yet.

            Nguyen and his team are in the process of casting for the movie. It is scheduled for a mid-2013 release.