Austrian director holds workshop on documentary film making in Hanoi

Film maker Andrew Standen-Raz

In this workshop organized by Hanoi Documentary Filmmaking and Video Art Center (DOCLAB), Andrew will discuss with the audience his filmmaking techniques and approaches, especially about the use of music in films.

Standen-Raz, whose documentary film “Vinyl – Tales from the Vienna
Underground” (2009) was screened on June 8 at the 4th European-Vietnam Documentary Film Festival, will also screen and discuss a film he will edit out of short films made by new Doclab students on the theme “Essence of Hanoi”.

Vinyl uncovers the co-existing worlds of experimental and electronic music in Vienna. It is also a love letter to the cultural phenomenon of vinyl records, a metaphor for something one loves, in spite of their imperfections and scratches, resembling the relationship between the musician and their city.

Andrew studied film at the New York University in New York, and has worked on various projects with Arte, Public Broadcasting Service and others. Currently he teaches at the department of Film, Media and Television in Vienna, Austria.

The Goethe Institute Hanoi is located on 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Entrance is free.